Anna Beck Elephant charity necklace x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

 Above photos © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Freya Dowson

Anna Beck designs

Photo credit:  © Anna Beck Designs 

Wildlife conservation is a cause very near and dear to our hearts, so we knew immediately that we had to carry these Anna Beck elephant charity necklaces benefiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. These beautiful necklaces make an awesome gift for any elephant lover! Each piece is handcrafted in Bali using ancient traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. The best part though is that a portion of proceeds from the sale of each Anna Beck elephant charity necklace  will help support the elephant conservation and rehabilitation efforts of DSWT. 



Anna Beck


Dedicated to the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife in East Africa, DSWT has successfully hand-raised over 150 orphaned elephants! #dreamjob  They also have one of the best Instagram accounts on the planet! follow them here 

Learn more by visting or get involved by fostering an elephant here.
Raise awareness and show your support by purchasing one of the Anna Beck Elephant charity necklaces.
And remember...never ever buy ivory.  These beautiful creatures need our help more than ever!

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