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Windswept: Beach weddings are the best weddings

Rocky Barnes Stone Cold Fox Logan gown

Rocky Barnes Stone Cold Fox Logan gown

Rocky Barnes Stone Cold Fox Logan gown

Rocky Barnes Stone Cold Fox Logan gown

It's hard to believe we haven't shared this on our journal before. These images have been reposted all over Pinterest and Instagram. One of our most popular shoots with Rocky Barnes, these photos were taken by George Favios in Byron Bay for our 2015 Beach bridal lookbook. Our buyer/owner, Laura Larson, imagined a curated bohemian bridal selection featuring our top-selling brands. She ordered two exclusives, a Stone Cold Fox gown and an Aila Blue lace slip dress, both were perfect for a beach wedding. She then paired them with Anna Beck's beautiful handcrafted jewelry, and ordered a couple of swimsuits for the honeymoon. All pieces were white, with textured lace and special details, but still casually Bohemian in beautiful fabrics that were special enough for a bride, but not too dainty or fussy for the beach.

We knew we would shoot a beach wedding lookbook, but had no idea where or who with. This shoot came together very quickly. Rocky was flying to Australia for work in a few short days and mentioned that she was going to be working with George Favios. We asked if she would be able to fit in a small shoot for us, and the next thing we knew we were frantically gathering samples, keeping in mind that Rocky had limited space in her suitcase, so the edit had to be tight! We sent a Frankie's Bikinis one-piece, a Marysia bikini, an Aila Blue lace gown, a stack of Anna Beck cuffs and this gorgeous Stone Cold Fox gown that promptly sold out after Rocky posted it on Instagram. In fact, we still get requests for this dress. Many of you wore it for your special day and shared your wedding photos with us on Instagram which was very cool to see!

We had always wanted to work with George Favios and Ashlea Penfold and we had already worked with Rocky many times before, so we just let this dream team work their creative magic with very little input or should we say "interference" from us. When working with the best of the best just get out of the way and let them create! Needless to say our jaws dropped when we saw the proofs. The raw beauty of these images exceeded our expectations. We especially love the background of the roaring ocean and the warm earth tones of the rocks contrasted against the white lace gown and Rocky's perfectly windswept beach hair. The results were quite stunning and unique. It's been a while since we have shot a lookbook and we're getting inspired to do them again. Hence the reason for us to start posting our favorites. We hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for part deux featuring the massively popular Aila Blue gown, coming soon! xx

Rocky Barnes in Byron Bay, Australia

Photographed by George Favios

Beauty by Ashlea Penfold


Stone Cold Fox gown, Anna Beck Jewelry

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