Janessa Leone Fedora

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to turn, these hand-crafted wool fedoras by Janessa Leoné will be our go to luxury accessory in the coming months ahead. We love a classic wide brimmed wool hat to keep us warm and covered on crisp autumn days. They always seem to add a little edge to an outfit and can be worn with a variety of different looks, from maxi dresses to casual denim. It's easy to see why these bespoke hats have become such a popular staple in the modern woman's wardrobe.

We recently received two Janessa Leoné styles just in time for Autumn. The Blake and the Billie fedoras are brand new arrivals from the 2018 Fall/Winter collection. These earth toned hats are available in camel brown or dark grey and are crafted in the United States using sustainably sourced virgin wool that has been hand-polished to create a luxe velour finish. This brand only uses virgin wool that is cruelty-free and sustainable. The wool is taken from a lambs first shearing which produces the finest, softest wool available. From shearing the wool to the finished product, these hats have passed through 50 skilled artisan hands by the time it has reached the customer. The designer has added a simple cord trim giving it just the right amount of minimalist detail and a stiff brim to help this hat maintain it's original shape and structure.


Janessa Leone wool fedora

Janessa Leoné is a favorite brand among the Gypset. Perfect for travel, her hats have been seen on numerous Instagram influencers and celebrities across the globe. Known for her minimalist, classic aesthetic, Janessa strives to create the highest quality pieces that can be worn again and again.

Quality over quantity. This is our motto and part of the reason why we love this brand. Janessa Leoné's attention to quality and detail is apparent in all of her designs. Her hats are timeless. They never go out style. We also love that her wool fedoras are ethically produced at their employee owned factory right here in the United States. Sustainable fashion of the highest quality, that is ethically produced using the finest materials and craftsmanship. This is what Soleil Blue is all about.

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Janessa Leone wool fedora

Caring for your hat:

Janessa Leoné hats are an investment that can be worn for many years to come. So it's important to take proper care when storing or cleaning your hat. We suggest storing them in a hat box. This will prevent it from being discolored by sunlight or dust. If it's a straw hat make sure it's not stored in plastic because it can cause it to dry out and become brittle. You also want to make sure that the hat is not laying directly on it's brim for long periods of time. This can alter the shape of the brim. If you would like to store it on a shelf, the designer suggests flipping it upside down and resting it on the crown of the hat rather than the brim.

We also love hats hanging on wall or entryway as part of the decor. not only is it practical when you are wearing that hat often, but they look pretty cool, especially in a grouping. They really can add an element of wanderlust and adventure to your home. Just be sure not to hang it on a sharp metal nail or hook as this can damage the hat. Also, we suggest not hanging your hat for too long in one place if it is getting a lot of sun exposure since it may cause your it to fade or dry out.



Janessa Leone fedoras


Photo credit: @mija_mija

One of the things we love about wool fedoras is that they can be worn any time of year. We normally used to pull them out of storage to wear them in autumn and throughout winter, but today's most popular influencers have changed the rules by showing us how we can also easily wear them during the spring and summer months too! As shown above on Mija who is a huge fan of Janessa Leoné hats. She wears them constantly on her Instagram and blog. She always looks put together, classic, edgy and cool. Hats are a key component of her style and have become one of her signatures, especially her wool fedoras!


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