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Positano: Amore Tranquillo

Positano: Amore Tranquillo
Positano, Italy.

Just a quick cab ride from Naples, Positano is the epitome of small town Italian charm. 

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With one of the most stunning little beaches on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a sun lover's dream. 20 Euro for a pair of chairs and an umbrella is well worth the one of a kind beach experience.

Positano Sea glass
Positano Spiaggia Grande

Even the towns many, many cats agree that the beach is amazing!

positano cat

Now, what do you do after resting the day away on the beach? You rest all afternoon at one of the many, many cafes!
Positano is a very small hillside town, with twists & turns, bringing one fantastic view after the other. Pack your walking shoes, these hills are no joke, but there are plenty of small restaurants and cafes...a little wine break always makes a walk better.
The cafes are relaxing and if you look you can find some pretty special places. Like  Casa e Bottega, a great place for a healthy stop for a juice or light breakfast. Or Buca di Bacco for a leisurely lunch of pasta & wine overlooking the Spiaggia Grande.

casa e bottega
Buca di Bacco

And, if you're like us here at Soleil Blue, an afternoon of beautiful views & wine is a great way to unwind from the real world. They will let you sit as long as you like and each drink comes with light snacks, which make it easy to lose your self in the experience that is Positano.
If you can find Li Galli Bistro, a small bar up the road from the amazing Hotel Marincanto, it was one of our favorite places to have a drink and take in the amazing view from their small, sidewalk seats.

cafe view positano
Li Galli Bistro

So, go to Positano, lay in the sun, drink the wine, and remove yourself from the world for a bit. You will not be disappointed.

Positano 1

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