Spell: The Oracle Collection: Fall '16

The 2016 Oracle Collection from Spell is one part dreamy and two parts luxe. Shot at the Korakiain Palm Springs, Spell gives their signature bohemian vibe an extra chic feel, with travel-inspired hues and feminine details. 

This collectionstays true to Spell while showcasing their unique perspective. Season after season they continue to impress us with their creativity and inventiveness. The mix of boho florals, paisley patterns, and hints of vintage inspo, make this collection particularly special.

The girls at Spell have a keen eye for perfect color combinations and flattering silhouettes that make Spell a no-brainer for any body type. The wearability factor is one of the reasons why we love Spell so much.

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Spell's Fall 2016 Oracle Lookbook
Model: Luma Grothe
Photograher: Graham Dunn
MUA: Ashlee Rose

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