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Even if you're not able to jet-set to the opposite end of the world to relax on the beach, there are ways to bring that beachy relaxation into your everyday life with our selection of candles and diffusers. We feature options from Coqui Coqui, a brand well-known for offering quality scents that you're sure to enjoy. Start shopping now!

Each candle and diffuser in our selection is inspired by a certain scent from a beautiful tropical location that you may not be able to visit in person, but we can bring it to you. Whether you are wanting to reminisce on your most recent trip to Bora Bora, or you've been bit by the travel bug but can't quite get away, we've got you covered. Coqui Coqui candles and diffusers feature a variety of tropical scents from Coco Coco, which has hints of coconut to Rosas Frescas, which will remind you of fresh rose petals in bloom. We also offer Tabaco scented candles and diffusers that are inspired by the scent of warm tobacco leaves. With so many beautiful scents from such a high-quality perfume maker, you won't ever want to leave your house, because of how wonderful it smells. Depending on your needs, a diffuser or candle may be the best fit for your needs. Many people prefer a diffuser, especially in apartments or condos that have restrictions on open flames. It's a great way to let the scent flow through your house for weeks at a time. For those who prefer to light some candles and enjoy the scent only at set times, our candles are the best choice, as they offer 60 hours of burn time.

If you have any questions about our selection of candles and diffusers, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to help you choose a scent and complete your order.