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At Soleil Blue, we don’t play into disposable clothing or fast fashion trends. Instead, we commit to the classics that we and customers like you will want to wear again and again. One of the latest crazes to sweep the market is a new take on an ancient Japanese robe. Today, the kimono is back and bigger than ever before. We proudly offer a selection of designer kimonos made by Spell & the Gypsy Collective, CALi DREAMING, Stillwater, ACACIA, and other labels that know how to give an old-fashioned fad a well-deserved update. Shop from our selection today!

Our selection of designer kimonos is stocked with soft and sultry options for all the festivals, brunches, and work days ahead. A high-fashion kimono can look utterly chic and sophisticated when paired with high-waisted jeans, sandals, a clutch purse, and some statement jewelry. Alternatively, you can opt for a bohemian vibe by wearing a kimono with a maxi dress and a crop top. Take a cue from all the fashionistas of decades past by wearing your favorite kimono with a pair of wide leg or flare jeans. No matter what way you wear it, we guarantee plenty of compliments are on their way.

Designer kimonos made by Spell & the Gypsy Collective are made of light and airy rayon, which is soft to the touch and ultra-comfortable. We carry both short and long designs to suit any occasion. Kimonos by CALi DREAMING are made of polyester and silk with a “versatility meets simplicity” aesthetic. Stillwater is known for their morning kimono designs and flattering floral patterns. ACACIA is serving up some silky fierceness with their own short kimono robe. Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to cover up with a lightweight knit kimono made by Pitusa.

Shop from our selection of designer kimonos today and keep coming back to discover so much more. We are always on the hunt for unique designers with fresh perspectives. Subscribe to our newsletter today, so you’ll never miss out on new releases, featured designers, and sales. If you have any questions about this selection, please contact us today to learn more.