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Is your handbag collection in need of an update? Soleil Blue is always in search of fresh designers with perspectives that are as unique as our customers, and our selection of Laura B purses has plenty of surprises in store for fashion lovers of every taste. Designer Laura Bortolami was raised in Italy before relocating to London and Geneva to study translation in law and economics. After bouncing back and forth between Paris and London, she returned to Italy to establish herself in Milan. There, she worked with some of the most glamorous fashion houses in the world. All her experiences prepared her for her own enterprise, and Laura B handbags were born.

Bortolami has traveled to India, lived in Auvignon, and settled in Barcelona, where she still resides. She soon began a fashion affair with mesh, a metallic fabric that was popularly used in the 1920s to make evening bags. Mesh became her muse, a constant challenge to find renewal within the limits of one material. Today, she combines mesh material with all kinds of textures, including stones, chains, crystals, horn, leather, crocodile, python, feathers, silk, lace, coins, and more. All Laura B purses are handmade, one by one, in her atelier in Barcelona. What we love most about Laura B handbags is their ability to make any ensemble look positively chic and sophisticated.

Whether dressed up or dressed down, Laura B purses will help you take on the town with total confidence. Each bag is made with the help of artisans to ensure that they reflect the three fundamentals of the brand’s identity: creativity, craftsmanship, and handmade quality. Some of the bags we carry can easily convert from a long shoulder strap to a shorter strap that you can carry to brunch, the beach, or anywhere in between. We don’t play into fast fashion trends or disposable accessories. Each time you visit our online boutique, you’ll find timeless designs that you’ll want to use again and again. While shopping from our selection of Laura B handbags, remember to sign up for our newsletter, so you can keep up with features designers, products, and more.