Rove Swimwear

Rove Swimwear is a luxury bohemian clothing & swimwear brand designed by Hawaii native Alicia Van Bokhoven, who now resides and produces her line in Bali. Rove is known for their handmade crochet/macramé bikinis and clothing. Their vibe is unique, high-end and artisan made. Each piece is special. We feel this brand is the perfect addition to our designer line-up, aligning with our vision and dedication to featuring brands with a soul. Fashion created by real people instead of large corporations. We had the awesome opportunity of meeting Alicia Van Bokhoven during Miami Swim Week 2015 and we were able to see each piece in person, allowing us to choose our absolute favorites to offer in the store. We were so impressed by the quality of fabrics used and attention to detail. Alicia makes sure each piece is absolutely perfect. You would not believe the amount of detail that goes into the macrame pieces especially. As soon as we saw the brand in person, we knew we had to have it. Each brand in our shop is carefully selected with this vision in mind. Our designers truly have a passion for the designs they create, which in turn gives us a passion for what we present to you. 


Resort 2016 

Rove Swimwear's Resort 2016 collection is one of our favorite on the site. It is inspired by the exotic lands of Morocco and features deep hues, rich colors, and vibrant patterns. This collection was photographed in Hawaii and is so inspiring visually and creatively. We love the unique detailing and exotic silhouettes featured on every piece. It has us dreaming of tropical lands, adventure, and salty breezes. We love the attention to detail in every piece, from the intricate macramé and Rove Swimwear's signature multi-string details.