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Style of One Piece Swimsuits

Full-piece bathing suits are back and better than ever before, but deciding on a style can be difficult for women of all shapes and sizes. At Soleil Blue, we believe in the timeless appeal of a classic maillot. We offer a wide variety of luxe labels and bohemian styles to choose from, as well as the tools you need to pick a swimsuit you will want to wear again and again. In this guide, we explain some of the styles of one-piece swimsuits you can expect to see on the runway and in our online boutique. Show off your beach body and celebrate the feminine form.

Styles of One-Piece Swimsuits As swimwear designers continue to push the envelope, bohemian beauties such as yourself are trading in the two-piece bikini for a contemporary spin on a classic. One-piece swimsuits are proving to be just as sexy as bikinis and tankinis, but finding the perfect one before the summer starts is not as simple as it sounds. Here are a few styles to keep in mind!

• Bandage: Bodycon dresses have been sweeping the market for several years, and bandage one pieces are taking a cue. Bandage swimsuits often feature crisscross detail, cut-outs, and other details to add a sexy twist.

• Crochet: Knitted swimwear may sound dated, but today’s styles are nothing like your grandmother’s doilies. Take your swimsuit game to the next level with a folky-retro feel by choosing a crochet one piece.

• Cut-Out: One-piece swimsuits can still have the same appeal of an itty-bitty bikini. Look for a bathing suit with a keyhole to give your beach look a little extra skin.

• Floral: We believe florals are timeless, and it seems that designers think so too. Floral one-piece swimsuits can be as colorful as they are effortlessly feminine.

• High-Leg: Unlike the traditional maillot, a high-leg one-piece suit typically sits higher on the hips. High-leg swimsuits are growing in popularity because they elongate the leg and can make you seem taller.

• High-Neck: Although they may not be optimal for minimizing tan lines, high-neck one pieces give the beach look a slightly more sophisticated appeal.

• Mesh: Looking for another opportunity to bare some skin without baring it all? Mesh one pieces are classic and contemporary all at once with a bit of dramatic flair.

If you have any questions about this guide to the styles of one-piece swimsuits, please contact us today to learn more!