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About Hunza G Swim

Originally made famous when Julia Roberts wore one of their cut-out dresses in the film Pretty Woman, Hunza G has been reimagined 30 years later in a collaboration with the original designer, Peter Meadows and new creative director Georgiana Huddart.

Simplicity in design, Hunza G swimsuits epitomize our less is more aesthetic. Made in London using their signature seersucker fabric with simple, clean lines and tortoiseshell details. This brand is a cult favorite worn by tastemakers across the globe.

Hunza G One Piece Swimsuits

The Square neck one piece features Hunza G's signature seersucker fabric and a low back. The Isolde maillot is currently available on our site in classic black or cocoa metallic. The Domino one piece is adorned with acetate tortoiseshell ring accents that contrast beautifully with their dreamy earth toned palette.