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Elisha dress Natalie Martin $ 280.00
Fiore maxi dress Natalie Martin $ 280.00 1 review
Marlien maxi dress Natalie Martin $ 210.00
Lizzy maxi dress Natalie Martin $ 280.00
Marin dress with sash Natalie Martin $ 358.00
Fiore maxi dress Natalie Martin $ 355.00 1 review
Renata shirt Natalie Martin $ 248.00
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Fiore short dress Natalie Martin SOLD OUT
Fiore maxi Natalie Martin $ 280.00
Fiore maxi dress Natalie Martin $ 280.00
Jessica dress Natalie Martin $ 177.99 $ 298.00
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Sarong in wild flower oyster Natalie Martin $ 81.99 $ 138.00
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Marlien maxi dress Natalie Martin SOLD OUT
Georgia wrap Natalie Martin SOLD OUT
Melanie dress Natalie Martin SOLD OUT
Georgia wrap in urchin black Natalie Martin SOLD OUT 1
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About Natalie Martin Clothing

Designed for the modern bohemian, Natalie Martin is the master of effortless chic. We love that she utilizes traditional hand printed batik practices to create her fabrics in Bali. This attention to detail makes her clothing uniquely beautiful. Born in Noosa, Australia, Natalie currently resides in Los Angeles where her brand has flourished due to her casual, boho-luxe aesthetic that is both understated and glamorous. Her designs epitomize the California laid back lifestyle and have been seen on some of the most stylish women in the world. Fans of the line include Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Busy Philipps & Monet Mazur. Shop a wide range of Natalie Martin Collection clothing online at SOLEILBLUE.com.

The Natalie Martin Fiore Dress, aka Mr Nightgown

Dubbed "Mr Nightgown" by Busy Philipps' daughters, the Natalie Martin Fiore dress is a cult favorite and has been known to sell out in minutes after putting it on our site. It's AMAZING how many compliments we receive when we wear this dress. Women literally stop us on the street to tell us how much they love it! Perfect for weekends, exotic getaways, casual dinners, trips to the farmer's market or just every day. Effortless, chic and comfortable. This dress features an a-line design with voluminous long sleeves. Each piece is like a work of art due to the fact that Natalie Martin uses the most beautiful hand printed fabrics from Bali. The Fiore is our go-to dress for traveling to any warm weather destination, and it easily fits into almost any environment. The Fiore Maxi Dress is one of our best-sellers and has easily become our must-have, can't live without dress. Three words that come to mind are luxurious, exotic and comfortable!

How Natalie Martin Fabrics Are Made

Natalie Martin dresses are made from handcrafted batik silk or rayon. The art of batik is centuries old, a tradition that Natalie Martin strives to preserve with the help of her Indonesian artisan partners. This painstaking process involves the technique of manual wax-resist dyeing. Batik artisans use a copper stamp to apply the wax design to the fabric. Once the fabric is stamped with wax, it is placed in a dye bath to dye all areas without wax. After the wax is removed with boiling water, the artisans repeat this process to produce multi colored prints.

Natalie Martin’s pursuit of distinct fabrics and prints has taken her on adventures across the globe. From breezy kaftans to Grecian dresses, there’s something special for everyone and every kind of occasion. Her short dresses feature A-line cuts and voluminous long sleeves, as well as a deep V-neckline with covered buttons. Looking for dresses you can wear with reckless abandon? Wrap dresses are perfect for those easy breezy days spent in the sun.

Since its launch in 2011, the Natalie Martin label has celebrated all things summer while pursuing the perfect outfit. Enjoy the luxurious feel of rayon as you satisfy your wanderlust with one adventure after the next. Each piece in our Natalie Martin collection is utterly unique due to the batik process. Because all pieces are done by hand and dried by the sun, color and printing results will vary from one garment to the next. This exclusivity is what gives this collection a unique charm, making each piece special in its own way. Have questions about our Natalie Martin collection? Please contact us today to learn more.