Designer Swimwear

St. Tropez mini in black/white 9seed $ 119.00 $ 238.00
St. Tropez mini in sunset 9seed $ 119.00 $ 238.00
Tulum maxi in black 9seed $ 136.00 1
Tulum maxi in white 9seed $ 136.00
Tunisia caftan in white 9seed $ 191.00
Brazil mesh bottom - royal ACACIA $ 106.00
Ewa silk wrap skirt in lei day ACACIA $ 49.99 $ 242.00
Hina mesh one piece - ebony ACACIA $ 216.00
Humuhumu crochet bikini top ACACIA $ 39.99 $ 119.00
Manhattan mesh top - royal ACACIA $ 115.00
Neon Magnolia Venezuela One Piece ACACIA $ 79.99 $ 216.00
Oahu cotton dress - white wash ACACIA $ 172.00
Pantai mesh top - ebony ACACIA $ 110.00
Seychelles mesh bottom - ebony ACACIA $ 106.00
Fitzroy bottom in mandarin Aila Blue $ 28.99 $ 73.00
Midnight in Paris one piece in bella vita limon Aila Blue $ 65.99 $ 165.00
Pepper one piece Aila Blue $ 65.99 $ 165.00
Michelle tunic in tint Cool Change $ 92.00 $ 185.00
Becky bikini top in gingham Kaohs $ 29.99 $ 92.00
Becky top in black Kaohs $ 29.99 $ 92.00
Antibes bandeau bikini top Marysia $ 141.00
Antibes bandeau bikini top mirtillo Marysia $ 41.99 $ 141.00
Antibes bandeau bikini top terracotta Marysia $ 55.99 $ 141.00
Antibes bikini bottom Marysia $ 70.50 $ 141.00
Antibes bikini bottom in terracotta Marysia $ 55.99 $ 141.00
Antibes Bottom in black Marysia $ 141.00
Antibes bottom in swimmer print sea foam Marysia $ 55.99 $ 141.00
Antibes Tie Top in black Marysia $ 168.00
Antibes tie top in swimmer print sea foam Marysia $ 59.99 $ 168.00
Antibes Top in black Marysia $ 136.00
Broadway bikini bottom Marysia $ 142.00
Broadway Bottom in black Marysia $ 142.00
Broadway bottom in swimmer print sea foam Marysia $ 58.99 $ 148.00
Broadway top Marysia $ 142.00
Broadway Top in black Marysia $ 142.00
Broadway top in swimmer print sea foam Marysia $ 58.99 $ 148.00 1
Lanai tunic in coconut/sea foam Marysia $ 189.00 $ 450.00
Mini Palm Springs top in red Marysia $ 68.50 $ 137.00
Mott Maillot in black Marysia $ 339.00
Mott Top in black Marysia $ 143.00
Mott top in kelp Marysia $ 70.00 $ 150.00
Palm Springs Bottom in black Marysia $ 150.00
Palm Springs Maillot in black Marysia $ 345.00

If you’re anything like us, you’re inspired by the bespoke bohemian lifestyle. We are the jet-setters, the trendsetters, the wanderlust gypsies who live for the salt of the sea and the sun in the sky. Soleil Blue is the exclusive source for boutique swimwear, and our collection is carefully curated to only include fresh designers with unique perspectives. We don’t pay any mind to disposable fashion. Instead, we stock our inventory with designer swim pieces you will want to wear again and again, from beach to beach. Shop from our selection of designer swimwear today.

Whether you daydream about Greece or the white coasts of Hawaii, choose boutique swimwear you can see yourself wearing anywhere in the world. If bold lines and statement pieces are more your speed, look no further than Solid & Striped to uncover itsy-bitsy bikini bottoms or gingham and striped patterns in every color combination imaginable. Their swimsuits are vibrant, playful, and seen on beaches from the Amalfi coast to the East Coast seaports. Tap into your wild side by checking the latest designs from Zulu & Zephyr, an independent label that’s not afraid to go against the grain. Searching for a wide variety of prints to choose from? Take a cue from Stone Fox Swim, the swim masterminds behind bra-like bikinis and flattering one pieces. Their styles range from tie-dye to flora and fauna.

When the winds are wild and you need an extra layer, look no further than our designer swim collection to find flowy and feminine cover-ups, dresses, slips, and skirts made by brands you know well and adore. Settle down beside the fire in a silk kimono made by Cali Dreaming. Head to the marketplace to see what you can discover in a rayon dress made by Faithfull the Brand, or soak up the sun in a cotton lace kaftan from Jen’s Pirate Booty.

Our assortment of designer swimwear boasts many brands that capture the very essence of this bohemian lifestyle we all love so dearly. Shop from our swim selection today to find the likes of ACACIA, Aila Blue, Indah, KAOHS, Marysia, MIKOH, She Made Me, Stone Fox Swim, and so much more. While shopping, remember to subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep up with all the latest releases and featured designers. If you have any questions about our selection of designer swimwear, please contact us today for further assistance.