About Us

Created with a love of travel, beaches and salty breezes by Wisconsin native Laura Larson, who often dreamt of escaping the long Midwestern winters. It was a trip to the Virgin Islands that first sparked the idea for Soleil Blue, a destination for the bohemian traveler that would offer the most beautiful resort clothing year-round. Now based in Los Angeles with offices in Downtown LA and a home in Malibu, Laura is constantly inspired by the California lifestyle and the designers she works with across the globe.

Her goal is to offer a carefully curated selection of vacation essentials ranging from swimwear to dresses to jewelry. She loves to discover new designers who have a unique point of view. Her belief in quality over quantity makes the items we sell a bit exclusive since many of them are not mass-produced and tend to be rather difficult to find. 

We're not into disposable clothing or fast fashion. We realize our pieces can be pricey, but it's important to realize that the big chains who are selling cheap clothing most likely are not paying their workers a fair wage, are not making clothes that will last and are having a tremendously negative impact on our environment. We believe in beautiful clothing that you can wear again and again. Vivienne Westwood said it best "Buy less, buy better." Whether you purchase from us or someone else, we hope you will consider purchasing quality clothing made by ethical manufacturers. Less is more.