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About Janessa Leoné

Soleil Blue is committed to cultivating fashion of the highest quality. Each brand is carefully considered with design and function in mind. Janessa Leoné first became a designer on one fateful trip to Paris, when she came across a brown wool fedora from the 1930s that sparked in her a strong desire to reproduce this high-quality treasure from a bygone era. In the years since, her hats have become a cult favorite among the Gypset. Our bespoke selection includes a variety of minimalist essentials including wool fedoras, straw Panama hats, and Greek caps.

Janessa Leoné Alara Fedora

One of Janessa Leoné's classic styles adapted from a vintage men's hat. The Alara fedora features a stiff brim and is designed to make a statement. This hat is made from 100% virgin wool that is sustainable and cruelty-free. Details include a tan suede leather band with gold screw closure. The Alara hat has a clean simple look that is universally flattering.

Straw hats never seem to fade far from view, and Janessa Leoné packs her collection with muted tones and tons of potential to elevate your ensemble with one simple accessory. Resembling the classic bolero or chupalla, these straw hats take it a step further with leather or suede bands and effortless designs. Certain styles of our straw hats are made from packable straw that is hand woven. Though it may feel like Panama straw, packable straw is much more durable and will return to its pristine condition again and again. Her most popular straw-hat styles include Lina, Angelica, Gloria, Ana, Mallary, Adriana, Claudia, Jade, Panama, and Marcell.

Wool is another reliable material that can be worn through many seasons. Wool hats designed by Janessa Leoné pass through at least 36 pairs of hands until they’re ready to be worn. Every phase of production, from getting the sheep wool to the mills and turning it into felt, can be felt in the weight and body of every hat she produces. The Ila hat is made of virgin wool and features a black leather band. Join the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely by checking out the Mattie Greek cap. In true fisherman fashion, these hats feature all Italian wool and are handmade in Italy.

Discover the difference when products are made with a focus on quality. Shop from our selection of Janessa Leoné hats today to capitalize on your eye for accessories once and for all. Need help with sizing? Your hat should sit comfortably on your head without causing too much pressure. Your index finger should be able to fit between your forehead and the sweatband inside the hat. If you have any questions about this collection or need any help, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.