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Women Who Inspire: Francesca Aiello of Frankies Bikinis

Women Who Inspire: Francesca Aiello of Frankies Bikinis

We recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Francesca Aiello, owner and designer of Frankie's Bikinis, for the first segment of our "Women Who Inspire" series. 

Francesca Aiello has been on our radar since day one. Not only because of her success at the young age of 21, but because her swimwear line emerged at a time when the industry was in need of something exciting, fresh, and vibrant. That something was Frankie's Bikinis, and we've been enamored since. We've chosen her as our first feature on our "Women Who Inspire" series because of the boundaries she's crossed in the fashion world and because of her entrepreneurial spirit. We are moved by her passion for the line, and her ambition as she's navigated through this competitive business.

Once you get your hands on a Frankie's Bikini, you will get what the hype is all about. Frankie's fabrics are buttery soft and her seamless designs offer the most flattering fit for any shape. She really gets the way a women wants to look and feel on the beach. Frankie invited us into her beautiful Malibu home, tucked away within the rustic and lush landscape of Point Dume, where she shared with us all of her favorite things and some insights into the brand! We are so inspired by you, Frankie!


Check out our video interview with Frankie on our YouTube channel here


 See below for the full interview and insights into some of Frankie's favorite things!

How old were you when you first started Frankie's Bikinis?

I was 17 when I first had the idea to start Frankie's Bikinis. At the time I didn't really think that I was making a company, I just thought I would make some bikinis for me and my girlfriends and then I threw it on Instagram and was just posting some photos of me in the suits and when I started getting hit up by strangers to receive the bikinis, is when I realized that it was actually a real company. We actually had Candice Swanepole's agent saying she was a fan of the suits and wanted to get her hands on some. That was the ah-ha moment for me! 

What is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite vacation destination is Hawaii. Kauai actually! It's so beautiful there and lush. I always feel like when I'm there I'm inspired by everything! 

Do you have an extra-special milestone you're especially proud of?

I'm especially proud of our first runway show because I was still 19 at the time. I think that was my proudest moment with Frankie's Bikinis. I was the youngest designer to ever be in fashion week. 

What is your design process? 

My design process from start to finish is always all over the place. One time I found a print that I liked on a leaf! So I'm really just finding inspiration for designs everywhere and that's why Frankie's Bikinis are so unique!

What are your top selling styles this season?

Our top selling Frankie's styles this season are the "Poppy" one piece, the "Tanner" top and "Valentina" bottom.

What would you attribute your brand's success to?

I attribute our success these past years to our brand's uniqueness, my personal relationship with customers, and the hard work my team has put into building this brand.

How has Frankie's distinguished itself from other brands? 

Frankie's has distinguished itself from other brands for many reasons. One being our intricate designs and prints - making us recognizable to almost everyone!

What inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by everything constantly! Ever since designing Frankie's, I am always on the look out for inspo!

What is your favorite workout routine?

I have 3 favorites that I kind of stick to. Right now I'm obsessed with hot yoga and that's nice because they have so many different classes throughout the day. So, whenever I find an opening in my schedule I can just go run to hot yoga! If I'm trying to do a night workout, I love to do Pilates on the reformer. And then the occasional Soul Cycle!

What's on your gym playlist?

Chance the rapper, currently!

Any skin or hair products you are obsessing over at the moment?

I am obsessed with a natural skin care line called, Tata Harper! Her products have added an extra glow to my skin.

Tell us about Miami Swim Week this year! 

We are doing another runway show for Miami Swim Week 2017 where we'll be showing our 2017 collection. The one word tip I can give you guys for the show is...."Psychedelic"!

Check out some of Francesca Aiello's favorite looks from her runway show below!






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